Moving the Blog

I’m moving this blog to a new address – my very own domain. So any new posts will arrive at the link below.

Ich schreibe ab sofort unter einer neuen Web-Adresse, so dass all neuen Artikel dort erscheinen werden.

Hannah Steenbock

Looking forward to meeting you all there!

Ich freue mich drauf, euch alle dort zu sehen.

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BHC Authors Sweep “Turning Pages 2013 Book Awards” With Nine Wins

Blue Harvest Creative

Blue Harvest Creative is excited to announce that seven of our BHC authors’ books have won nine categories in the Turning Pages 2013 Book Awards.

Our winning authors and categories are:

  • Action Book  of the Year—Jumper by Jeff LaFerney
  • Biography Book of the Year—Five Year Old Death by Bathsheba Dailey
  • Drama Book of the Year—Rise of the Notorious Katie Jennings (Winner of best drama book two years in a row. Katie Jennings won best drama 2012 for When Empires Fall.)
  • Erotica Book of the Year—The Journalby Liv Honeywell and Domitri Xavier
  • Fantasy Book of the Year—Tears of War by A.D. Trosper  (Winner of best fantasy book two years in a row. A.D. Trosper won best fantasy 2012 for Embers at Galdrilene.)
  • Folklore Book of the Year—Sequoiaby Hannah Steenbock
  • Mystery Book of the Year—Crossing the Line by Rebecka Vigus
  • Science…

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Some More Writing Advice – Beginning, Middle, End

Beginning, Middle, End

Beginning, Middle, End

Sorry for the long silence. I’ve been working on my other business … and that took a lot of time and energy. Even so, I’ve been overwhelmed with the great responses to my short story ebook, “Sequoia”. Thanks go to everyone who downloaded it when it was free, everyone who bought a copy, and most of all, everyone who commented on it, either on Amazon (8 reviews! Woohooo!), or in any other shape and form. You are wonderful! Continue reading

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Launch of the Ebook Sequoia


Sequoia – a short story

Today, I’m officially launching my brand new ebook “Sequoia – a short story”. It’s free on all amazon stores today, so you can grab it right away and enjoy it!

Now, what made me write “Sequoia”? I really don’t know anymore. This is one of the tales that simply flow from mind to keyboard. I was reading a lot of shamanic books, meditating, thinking about nature, energy and how it is all interlinked. Fun times, and somehow, all this coaleced into this story. Continue reading

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“Save the Cat!” – Ein Drehbuchratgeber


Save the cat *

Stellt euch vor, ein recht unsympathischer, mürrischer Held tritt auf und tut kurz darauf etwas Unerwartetes: Er rettet ganz selbstlos eine Katze. Auf welche Weise auch immer. Und sofort mögen wir ihn. Der Film ist gerettet. Und der Roman auch.

So eindeutig und klar strukturiert kommt das Buch mit diesem Titel daher. Continue reading

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Was ich am Ebook-Marketing hasse

Bücher im Einkaufskorb

Ebook Vermarktung *

Ich bin ja dem Selbstveröffentlichen gar nicht abgeneigt und habe sogar gerade meinen nächsten Bestseller eine englischsprachige Kurzgeschichte zum Formatieren etc. in Auftrag gegeben. Daher schaue ich natürlich, was andere Autoren in diesem Bereich so treiben, um ihre Geschichten und Romane zu vermarkten. Und ich gebe zu, dass ich dabei Dinge erlebe, die mich als Leserin doch immer wieder ärgern. Continue reading

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What I Hate When People Market Their Ebooks

Books in shopping box

Selling Books Online *

As I’m thinking about self-publishing, I’m also trying to get a feel for how to market my future bestseller upcoming short story. And I’m stumbling on things that make me, as reader, rather angry.

In fact, I think the last thing I should do as author is to make my readers angry at me. Continue reading

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Dying to Forget – Trish Marie Dawson

Dying to Forget

Dying to Forget *

The other day, I talked about how writing in present tense is a sign of a beginner and amateur. I still mean it. And that’s why I almost didn’t continue with this novel. Even so, I dug in, and here, present tense works somewhat. That’s because of the special location where the novel takes place, and because of the topic itself. More about that in a moment.

I often get notifications about free ebooks on Amazon. And yes, it’s part of Amazon’s marketing strategy to give away books for a day, to gain a larger readership. These days, I’ve gotten a little smarter and check reviews before I grab a book, even if it’s for free. Continue reading

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Dying to Forget – Trish Marie Dawson

Dying to Forget

Dying to Forget *

Neulich habe ich ja mal ein wenig über das Schreiben im Präsens hergezogen. Nun habe ich letzte Woche einen kleinen Roman im Präsens gelesen – und es hat ganz gut funktioniert. Das lag unter anderem an dem Ort, wo dieser Roman spielt, und natürlich auch etwas am Thema. Mehr dazu gleich.

Ich bekomme häufig Informationen und Werbung für Ebooks, die für einen Tag kostenlos bei Amazon angeboten werden. Inzwischen bin ich ja etwas schlauer geworden und schaue mir die Rezensionen an, bevor ich so ein Ebook “kaufe”. Continue reading

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Zombies and all that

Zombie suit

Zombie Suit *

Well, this is another rant. Kinda sorta. You see, every time when I see another creepy horror cover on Facebook, every time I see a gruesome face covered in blood, every time I see more nightmarish creatures advertising a book, the same question pops up in my mind:


Why are there people who like this? Why are there people who write stories I would never ever think of in my worst nightmare? Who creates covers that literally make me feel sick? And posts them on Facebook? Continue reading

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