Sequoia – a short story


Sequoia – a short story

Hi, I’m Max.

I love trees. And I love sequoias more than any other kind of trees. Which led me right into trouble.

Imagine putting your hand on the tree, feeling the rough bark, thinking loving thoughts to it, and then suddenly plunging into darkness. That’s what happened to me. I ended up in a whole forest of sequoias, and in a different time. Getting home was going to be a problem …

I had no idea how big of a problem that was. But I faced a specific challenge and needed a shaman’s help to solve it.

This is what people say about “Sequoia – a short story”:

“It’s really very good and completely worth the taking the time to read it.” Shelly Hammond

“It left me smiling and feeling happy.”  SN Freak

“It was a book I did not put down from page one till done […]” B. Wilder

(Taken from reviews.)

Do you want to get it? Take a look at these links.

“Sequoia – a short story” as Kindle ebook: / Amazon. de /

“Sequoia – a short story” as print version: /Amazon. de /

I will offer “Sequoia – a short story” in an epub version later this year, probably at the end of May. Check back here, links will be up as soon as possible.

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