Short Stories

“Sequoia – short story”

“Imagine putting your hand on the tree, feeling the rough bark, thinking loving thoughts to it, and then suddenly plunging into darkness. That’s what happened to me.” Max has to learn much and face an enormous challenge before being able to go home again.

Self-published in February 2013

“Pu’ukani’s Song”

Pu’uani is a whale with a very strange tale to sing. His story tells about a dangerous journey, lost hope, new discoveries, deep loyalty and a big change. Follow this lovable bull whale through the blue deeps and find out how his life changed completely during one summer.

Appeared in: A Fly in Amber, 07/2009 (direct link to the tale)

“Something New Under the Sun”

This is a very, very short story, telling a tale in mere dialogue. It was inspired by a friend with a very special plushie. Want to know? Click on the link below, it’s available online.

Appeared in: Antipodean SF, 04/2008

“Minkus, the Masterful Magic Mender”

Minkus is a grumpy old magic mender. He travels through the country, fixing spells and refreshing magical objects. He has no idea that his life is not entirely his own – and that is only revealed to a girl who can see magical creatures.

Appeared in: Alien Skin, 04/2008
Reprint in: Abandoned Towers, 11/2008

For the German short stories, check this link: Kurzgeschichten

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