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Well, it had to happen one day: I’m sitting here at the computer, staring at the empty “Add New Post” form. No idea what to write about. I’d love to tell you about a couple of things, but I can’t just yet. And of course, I’d love to talk about my novels which I all revisited lately for a reason, but that would be unfair since you can’t read them yet.

Thus I’m writing about what I lack right now: Inspiration. It is a rare and elusive thing for authors. Of course, enough practice should make it possible to write anyway, regardless of being inspired or not. And one can always edit …

Even so, nobody can force inspiration. (Otherwise everybody would be an author!) When I need inspiration for a new chapter, or have to rescue a character from the corner I wrote her in, I either curl up in bed or take a shower. Not sure why that works, but I have a guess, at least for curling up in bed: My bed is the safest place in the world for me (childhood memory, I suppose), and when I relax and reach that dreamy state between waking and sleep, ideas can surface much more easily.

Alternatively, I love to talk plot with writing friends. Alas, I have few who are willing to do that with me. So, more often than not, it’s the bed for me.

And now I have a question for you: Where do you get inspiration?

*picture by: Rugby471, orginally posted in Wikimedia Commons


About Hannah Steenbock

Ich bin Autorin, Therapeutin und Träumerin. - I'm an author, therapist and dreamer.
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