Exciting Times!

And no, not in the Chinese sense, this time. In fact, I have an author’s contract on my desk, already signed. I’m so excited! In only a few weeks, I’ll hold the first book in my hand which will proudly bear my name, along with that of Timo Bader, my co-author.

“Der Mannwolf von Königsberg” (that’s not too hard to understand, is it?) is a historical novel. I wrote the part of the female MC while Timo did the part of the male MC. How does one organize a co-authored novel?

Of course, we first brainstormed the tale, then started on an outline which gradually grew more complex and involved. We finally ended up with a chapter list, the backbone of our novel. Without that list, the project would have failed for sure. Usually, Timo started out with a couple of his chapters and I then wove mine in between. Of course, we always had to take care of details and “continuity”. This was especially true for one night in the tale when lots of things happen at almost the same time – very tricky stuff.

Being the garden and nature buff that I am, I put much of that into the tale, as well. That made it hard on me when we decided to speed up the story and make it happen in six months, rather than a whole year. I had to shift all my descriptions from spring to high summer and autumn. Just imagine that! Fortunately, we had a great editor who caught the things I missed and helped us fix what we had overlooked. Many thanks!

I believe this couldn’t have been done without our Geschichtenweber forum and most of all, plenty of email. Timo lives a few hundred kilometers away from me. Even so, it was hard work. I’m looking forward to reaping the rewards now!

As soon as I have info on the cover picture and the blurb, I’ll let you know. And now excuse me, while I go back to celebrating a little more.


About Hannah Steenbock

Ich bin Autorin, Therapeutin und Träumerin. - I'm an author, therapist and dreamer.
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2 Responses to Exciting Times!

  1. Becky Wilder says:

    Way cool!!!!!!! YAY….AND CONGRATS…..AND….AND……..WOW!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m so excited for y’all!!!

  2. Thanks, Becky! Creating this novel has taken such a long time, was such a lot of hard work, it’s almost unbelievable I will be able to hold it in my hands so soon. Wheee!

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