What This Blog is Already Doing to Me

I’m getting views from online places where I talked about my blog, and thus I feel compelled to add something more to this blog. Of course, I know I should offer informative content, delivered in an entertaining way and possibly make you laugh once or twice.

That’s something I will strive for. But today, I feel stumped. Do I tell you about my writing board? Or maybe about the book that started all this? Probably next time. Right now, I feel like sharing what starting this blog is already doing to me.

I could hardly sleep last night. After getting eight page views on Monday, when I could crow about the brand new blog on Facebook, Twitter and my above mentioned writing board, I got a single view yesterday, and that was from yours truly. I kept hitting the stats page until late at night. Repeatedly, I told myself not to be sad, I told myself that a blog takes time to take off and gain followers. One page view it was.

And it hurt.

So I posted some more about this shiny blog on my writing board (this time in public) and a few other boards I visit, and changed my signature there to include the blog link. And then I followed some advice from the aforementioned book (yes, I will tell you all about it!), and visited some blogs I like to read anyway. Except that this time I left comments and included a link to here.

Then I went off for a nap, to catch up on the sleep I missed. When I came back to the computer, I had seven views! (Thanks to you wonderful UK guys, you know who you are.) The exitement is back!

And tomorrow, I’ll tell you more. Promise!

As I post this, there are eight views! *wheeee*


About Hannah Steenbock

Ich bin Autorin, Therapeutin und Träumerin. - I'm an author, therapist and dreamer.
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2 Responses to What This Blog is Already Doing to Me

  1. Hehehe, another page view for you! I thought this was a new link in your signature. Glad to have stumbled over and look forward to reading more!

  2. I’m glad you found your way here! *hugs for Marissa*

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