A New Beginning

Hannah Steenbock is my nom de plume. Some of you may already know me from other places online, but for everyone else, I’ll tell you a bit about myself.

Writing is my favorite way of passing time. And because I’m bilingual, I write my tales in two languages: German and English. So far, my short stories were mostly written in English, for a simple reason. People actually get paid for short stories in the English-language regions, whereas the proof copy is considered enough payment for most publishers in the German-language industry. On the other hand, all my novels have been written in German (I used to have a German agent, with exclusive novel rights …) However, this will change, as my English-language friends are clamoring to read my novels.

Translating stories is interesting, mainly in the Chinese sense of the expression. I’ll take you with me on this journey between two worlds, which hopefully will take us to lots of novel fun.

More about me here: Hannah’s Website, English


About Hannah Steenbock

Ich bin Autorin, Therapeutin und Träumerin. - I'm an author, therapist and dreamer.
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